MENU Culinary Journey in Thailand
Thai Miang Kam
Wrapping diced ginger, coconut, chilies, peanut, onion, lime with Kim Bali Special sweet & sour sauce
Thai Curry (Choice of fish head, fish tail, prawns, or seafood)
Your choice of dish with Kim Bali Special red curry sauce, coconut milk, tomato, chilies, okra, Thai basil
Thai Green Curry (Choice of sliced fish, prawns, chicken, or seafood)
Your choice of dish with Kim Bali Special green curry sauce, coconut milk, long bean, tomato, Thai basil
Tom Yam Kung (Choice of prawns, or seafood)
Your choice of dish in hot and sour soup broth with lemongrass, onion, tomato, chilies, lime, coriander leaves
Siamese Style Stir-fried (Choice of pork, ostrich, venison, sliced fish)
Stir fried your choice of dish with onion, chilies, lemongrass
Steamed Fish Siamese Style (Choice of fish Tilapia, Threadfin, or sliced fish)
Steamed your choice of fish with lime juice, lime, lemongrass, chilies, garlic, mushroom
Thai Fish Cake
Deep fried fish marinated in lemongrass, spices, lime, curry paste
Thai Pandan Leaf Chicken
Deep fried chicken marinated in spices and wrapped with pandan leaf
Thai Stewed Pig Trotter with Chinese Bun 
Stewed pig trotter with spices and soy sauce. Served with Bun
Thai Style Kerabu (Choice of mango, pucuk paku, or chicken claw)
Your choice of dish with onion, carrots, chilies, lime juices, dried anchovy
Thai Bean Curd Kerabu
Deep-fried bean curd with onion, carrots strips, chilies, dried anchovy