MENU Culinary Journey in Chinese Nostalgia
Fried Meat with Salted Fish
Deep fried meat marinated in salted fish
Sweet and Sour (Choice of crispy sliced fish or chicken)
Your choice of dish with sweet and sour sauces, onions, green peppers
Nostalgic Qi-Lin Bean Curd
Fried homemade bean curd, topped with chicken, scallions, chilies, garlic
Fried Egg with Mushroom Sauce
Fried golden egg, topped with mushroom, garlic, scallions
Cheese Flavor Hong Kong Style (Choice of sliced fish, prawns or spareribs)
Your choice of dish with Kim Bali's Special Cheese Sauce, tomato, chilies, carrots, scallions
Butter Flavor Hong Kong Style (Choice of lotus, bitter gourd, sliced fish, or squid)
Your choice of dish with Kim Bali's Special Butter Sauce, tomato, green pepper, Thai basil
Chicken Salad Hong Kong Style
Fried crispy chicken, topped with chopped carrots, homemade salad sauce, yam bean
Stir-fried White Cabbage with Salted Veggies
Stir fried white cabbage, salted veggies, garlic
Shanghai Ginger Roasted Duck
Duck marinated in herbs and secret sauces, served with plum sauces, diced ginger, garlic, chilies
Deep-fried Spareribs with Grapes Sauce
Deep fried marinated spareribs, served with grapes sauce
Mongolia Black Pepper (Choice of shelled prawns or chicken)
Your choice of dish with sweet soy sauce, scallions, garlic
Steamed Prawns with Angelica Root
Prawns with angelica roots, herbs, scallions, ginger
Vegetarian Delights with Taro Basket
Stir fried assorted vegetable, served on yam/ taro basket
Home-made Bean Curd with Straw Mushroom
Deep fried homemade fluffy soft bean curd, topped with mushroom, scallions, garlic
Home-made Bean Curd with Angled Gourd
Braised angled gourd with homemade bean curd, garlic, seafood
Drunken Prawns Soup
Prawns in Chinese wine broth with ginger, meat, scallions, galangal